A recent Double Vertical Lift Gate installation by Mann Fence Company

This project required two adjacent 48 foot, vertical lift gates to be installed inside an operating manufacturing facility for secure storage of finished goods. 

Maximum overhead gate clearance was a demand.  While at the same time, working within the very close confines of the facility.

Personnel, equipment and plant safe working procedures are something that Mann Fence takes very seriously.

The substantial weight of the gate lifting columns requires heavy lift equipment.  Unfortunately for this project, the equipment required was also capable of lifting to great heights.  Our overhead ceiling clearance was only 24 feet, just inches more than the measurement to the top of the installed columns.

The combination of the massive size of the lifting columns and obstacles within the facility required very close attention to prevent damage or injury.

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Vertical Lift Gates are specified in cases of high usage, especially when there is insufficient space outside of the gate opening for an overhead or cantilever gate to retract before hitting an obstacle. The heavy construction of the superstructure, combined with a drive chain mechanism, lifts the gate open and pulls the gate closed.

This unique drive mechanism features a counterweight that runs inside both vertical support columns. The counterweight is designed to approximate the weight of the gate, assuring the motor and chain drive mechanism minimize stress and maintenance. By incorporating a continuous loop drive system, which is connected directly to the counterweight inside the support column, the Vertical Lift Gate is assured smooth operation in either direction. The vertical support columns of the gate superstructure are constructed of heavy duty W12x53 structural steel.

The gate frame is fabricated from 6063-T6 aluminum alloy extrusions in one or more sections. The gate is attached to the vertical track by means of four self-aligning, 4-wheeled, sealed lubricant, ball-bearing truck assemblies.

Vertical Lift Gate Specifications

A slide operator is used when there is limited space behind the secured facility, so the gate runs parallel to the fence or wall.

Our Slide Gate Operators range from light to heavy-duty depending on the size of the entrance and quantity of open/close cycles. All the features and benefits are identical so selecting the operator is simple. 

Standard Cantilever Slide Gate
Ornamental Slide Gate

An automated vehicular gate system includes several components, all of which must be selected in concert with each other and with the requirements of the job.

SL585 - Industrial Slide Gate Operator

The LiftMaster® SL585 is a durable heavy-duty gear-driven operator for use on heavy gates and high-cycle applications such as gated communities and industrial locations. The powerful design supports gate lengths up to 70 feet and gate weights up to 1,600 pounds. A strong powder-coated galvanized steel chassis, all-weather gearbox, as well as a weather-resistant, lockable cover ensure years of rugged and reliable performance. This model is ideal for heavy commercial and industrial installations and is UL325-compliant.

SL 585 Operator Manual
Digital Keypad Access

AK-1: Exterior Digital Keypad

Surface or gooseneck mount keyless entry system for outdoor applications, up to 480 entry codes, two relay outputs, two solid-state outputs, two status indicators, keypad lighting, 12-24 volts AC/DC

AK1 Exterior Keypad Manual

SW490 - Industrial Swing Gate Operator

The LiftMaster® SW490 offers powerful performance for high cylce and heavy industrial swing gate applications. This hefty design supports gate lengths up to 22 feet and gate weights up to 1,000 pounds. Utilizing a weather-resistant powder-coated steel enclosure, a worm gear reduction drive, and high-starting torque motor, the SW490 offers you years of reliable and powerful performance. This model is ideal for demanding industrial applications and is fully UL325-compliant.

SW 490 Operator Manual

Pedestals feature heavy gauge steel construction with a durable powder coated finish.

The dual height pedestal has a gooseneck at 42 inches and one at 72 inches for auto and truck access while the popular single height pedestal is for autos only at 42 inches tall.





Industrial Through-Beam Photoelectric


Infrared Sensor with Sender and Receiver Units in Hooded Metal Enclosure. Distance 165 Feet. Heater is Standard to Keep Frost and Moisture Free. NEMA 4 Rated for Outdoor Use.
Specify 12-24VAC/DC

Through-Beam Sensor, Sensing Distance 85 ft.
NEMA 1, 2, 3, 4, 4X, 5, 12 Comes Complete with Emitter, Receiver and Mounting Brackets. Accepts Both 24 and 110VAC

Long Range Photoelectric
Typical Layout
MFCI Chain Link Installation Manual